Butterflies of Asia

Interactive digital museum of butterflies in Asia


Butterflies of Asia is a virtual museum of butterflies specialized in Asian countries. From the interactive list, you may find photographs of specimens, live adults, immatures, habitats and footplants.

What is available now

Please be patient, we have just started this project and it will take a lot of work to accomplish our ultimate goal.

Interactive List: This is the main part of this website. Butterflies found in Asia are listed. From the list, you can access each species' detail page. Please note the list is INCOMPLETE at this moment.

Areas Covered: Shows a map and a list of countries covered in this website. We hope that we can extend the covered area in the future.

Credits: List of people who contributed their information and photographs used in this website.

Help Us!: Things we need.

Scope of our work

In this website, we are trying to cover butterflies found in Eurasian continent generally east of 75 degrees latitude line and Southeastern Asian islands. Click on the map below to see details of the areas covered.

Map of Asia

This project is open to anyone who is interested in butterflies found in the area. If you can contribute your information, photos, etc., feel free to contact us.

We welcome your feedback or comments on this website. If you disagree with our taxonomic arrangement, etc., let us hear your opinion! In the future, we will prepare discussion forum to facilitate open discussions among people interested in this topic.

This website was inspired by Buterflies of America. We'd like to thank people at Butterflies of America for encouraging and helping us started on this project.

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